Everyone has a unique financial journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right strategy can help you reach your goals and create more freedom in your life.


We're Gary & Talesha Grant

Gary and Talesha Grant: a power couple and dynamic duo in the realm of life and relationship coaching, united by a shared vision and a deep-seated passion for fostering transformation and courage in people's lives. Their paths crossed as seasoned professionals in life coaching, and it was their mutual dedication to empowering individuals that sparked an instant connection. Together, they observed a pattern in the coaching world: while some thrived, others faced greater challenges. This observation laid the foundation for a collaborative journey, driven by empathy and a commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Crafting the Heroic Compass Initiative (HCI)

Years of meticulous research and practical trials led Gary and Talesha to author the Heroic Compass Initiative (HCI) - a revolutionary system designed to guide individuals towards excellence and success. But HCI is more than a mere tool for achievement; it's a comprehensive approach that nurtures and strengthens a person's sense of identity. This innovative system is the culmination of Gary and Talesha's combined expertise, embodying their philosophy that true success encompasses both personal fulfillment and professional achievement.

Our Philosophy: Empowering Lives with Purpose and Balance

At Heroic Life Strategies, Gary and Talesha believe in the power of a life lived with purpose. Their approach goes beyond conventional goal-setting, focusing instead on helping individuals recognize their unique place in the world. Through HCI, they guide their clients on a transformative journey, enabling them to perceive and respond to life's challenges with clarity, joy, and a profound sense of meaning.

Join Us in Crafting Your Heroic Narrative

Gary and Talesha invite you to embark on a journey with Heroic Life Strategies, where you'll explore the depths of your potential and discover a life balanced in purpose, relationships, and a resilient life ethic. Embrace the path to a life where success is not just an achievement, but a fulfilling experience of growth and self-discovery.

Save More

Learn how to put more money aside each month.

Eliminate Debt

Cut debt from your life and create positive habits.

Invest Smarter

Learn how to invest and reach your goals faster.

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My Story

I always knew I wanted to go far in life, so I worked hard to become the first person in my family to graduate from college. After graduation, I thought my future was a guaranteed success. Then once I started having to make student loan payments, my dreams of a better life seemed out of reach.

I felt frustrated and helpless, but I had worked too hard to let my dreams slip away. I dove into financial literacy and came up with a system that allowed me to eliminate debt, save more, and invest for my future. Now I empower others on their journey to financial freedom.

"Working with Riley has changed my life. I’m only 2 months away from debt-free!"

- Martin Marino

"Last year, I was 49 with no retirement savings. Thanks to Riley, I’m now financially on track."

- Bill Bayaud

"From buried in debt to living the life of my dreams, Thank you, Riley!"

- Susan Smith

Why I Do It

Financial literacy is not a term I ever heard growing up. While my parents did their best to provide for our family, they lived paycheck to paycheck most of their lives. Seeing my family struggle inspired me to aim higher. But despite my best efforts, I still found myself drowning in debt.

Once I was debt-free, I realized that the methods I used could help others like me who wanted the same but didn’t grow up with the framework to make it happen. So I made it my mission to help as many people as possible create healthy financial habits and a better life for themselves and their families.


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