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No one can argue that life has its challenges.

Furthermore, if you can envision a dream, a nurturing relationship, inspiring friendships and a thriving career, the challenges can begin to pile up.

We at Heroic Life Strategies, want to help you cultivate the mindset, gather the tools and muster the courage to meet your life with purpose.

Personal Coaching

You are made for this!
How you respond to life will greatly influence your growth, your contribution and your outcomes.
Heroic Life Strategies delves into every facet of an individual’s journey. Our personal coaching focuses on finding your true purpose and creating a life that is fully expressed and available for your mission here. Our solid strategies help you build the confidence and courage you need to live a fulfilled life, deeply rooted in your purpose as well as the principles to navigate rough waters when life brings challenges.  Whether you need a gentle nudge, a productive push, a compassionate conversation or a courageous climb, our coaching strategies  meet you where you are and take you where you’re meant to be.  We start at the foundation and work our way up, ensuring a solid core compass and empowering ethic.  
Reach out today to claim the life balance you deserve, discover your purpose and own these words “I’m made for this.’

Professional Coaching

Purpose, Mission, Ethic, Goals, Actions, Delegation.
Heroic Life Strategies provides professional, corporate and executive coaching in all facets and spectrums of leadership, team building and management, as well as mentoring for the career minded and focused entrepreneur.  A heroic leader honors life value and the sovereignty of others while creating powerful agreements that enliven and invite a collaborative culture and team. They also lead by example and invite others to a greater orientation. Our coaching facilitates a company culture that is creative, courageous, forward thinking, proactive, fulfilled, mission minded and purpose driven. 
Call today to deepen your companies internal connection, collaboration, community and spectrum of leadership.


Gary and Talesha Grant of Heroic Life Strategies are engaging speakers and gracious hosts at a variety of events to include; public and private group facilitation, speaking engagements, group coaching, team building, charitable functions, benefits, group and corporate gatherings as well as ongoing Heroic tele-seminars. 
Together, Gary and Talesha foster connection in their community and imbue the company cultures they support with deeply rooted foundations and fulfillment. For more information on upcoming events or for booking, please reach out today.
Some of our ongoing tele-seminars include:
Heroic Purpose, Heroic Leadership, Heroic Heart

Relationship Coaching

Pre- Marital Counseling, Relationship Revitalization, Rekindling and Rescue.

No matter where you are in your love journey .. be it a quest for new love, a pilgrimage of self love or the cultivating and care of a seasoned love .

The one thing nearly everyone hopes and longs to find is a deeply fulfilling, lasting and even magical relationship. Here at Heroic Life Strategies, Gary and Talesha Grant have helped countless couples; find, renew, rekindle and revitalize their relationships. It’s not over .. in many cases, its just beginning.  Start building your heroic relationship today!
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Your new journey starts here.

Our coaching centers around meeting your challenges and callings with a heroic heart.